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third trimester during pregnancy

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Third trimester

During 28-40 weeks till delivery we call it as a third trimester pregnancy.Here in this third trimester stage they may order certain routine and selective tests as when required. These tests are used to prepare for delivering healthy baby with healthy condition as well as maintaining mothers health condition.these test are

routine tests

ü  Urine screen test for sugar and protein testing

ü  Urine culture to detect bacteriuria

ü  Hemoglobin test [HbA1c test]

ü  platelet count

ü  quad screen test


Selective tests

ü  Antibody screen

ü  Fetal fibronectin

ü  Amniocentesis

ü  HIV

ü  hepatitis B

ü  STD like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis


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