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second trimester during pregnancy

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Second trimester

During 13-27 weeks we call it as a second trimester pregnancy.Here in this second trimester stage they may order certain routine and selective tests as when required. These tests are used to detect unborn baby health condition as well as mothers health condition.


Routine tests

ü  Urine screen for sugar and/or protein

ü  Urine culture to detect bacteriuria

ü  Glucose/glucose tolerance test


Selective tests

ü  Triple marker or quad marker screen

ü  Amniocentesis

ü  Cordocentesis

ü  Cell-free fetal DNA


Non – invasive prenatal test

use of latest advanced technological equipment that is capable of creating pictures or images of the inside of the body without actually going inside the body. example x-ray,ultrasound diagnostic imaging ,diagnostic computer imaging, sonogram are often done 18 -20 weeks of pregnancy

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