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pre-pregnancy/pre-conception care

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Pre-pregnancy [Pre-conception]

Pre pregnancy is a state before actually become pregnant. Here she and her partner should consult with their family healthcare provider or doctor. Based on mother and prospective father details, family history, and other history, a healthcare provider guide you to how to get healthy pregnancy. As a precaution they ask you to go for screening tests which include genetic testing for inheritated diseases ,disorders and abnormalities with risk of transmitted to her unborn baby.

These lab or diagnostic testing may include

Genetic testing for inherited disease

To check carrier status for certain genetic diseases to determine risk of having a baby with such a genetic disease.

ü  Genetic testing for inherited disease

ü  Genetic testing for hemoglobin disorder

ü  Genetic testing for CFCT-cystic fibrosis carrier testing

sample required-Mother and father (blood sample)

Stage/cycle/time – Preconception or during pregnancy or first trimester

Testing during her first prenatal visit or during visit for considering pregnancy

ü  pregnancy confirmatory test

ü  Urine screening test

ü  Hemoglobin test

ü  Antibody screening test

ü  Glucose tolerance test

ü  Platelet count

ü  Immunity test to rubella

ü  HIV antibody test

ü  STD infections(Gonorrhea,chalmydia,syphilis tests)

ü  pap smear

ü  Hepatitis B screening

Diabetic women pre-conception or pre-pregnancy tests

Women with high blood pressure or hypertension must control diabetes before getting pregnant. Women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes strongly recommended to go for HbA1c test before 3 to 5 months they hope to conceive. this helps them to prevent birth defects and miscarriages(if any).






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