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first trimester during pregnancy

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First trimester [upto 12 weeks]

During first prenatal visit to upto 12 weeks of pregnancy we call it first trimester.here in this first trimester to check for certain infections that could harm the unborn baby or other conditions that could threaten the mother’s health during the pregnancy. These below tests may be offered only if a pre-conception medical checkup was not done earlier.

   Routine test

ü  pregnancy confirmatory test

ü  Urine screening test

ü  Hemoglobin test

ü  Antibody screening test

ü  Glucose tolerance test

ü  Platelet count

ü  Immunity test to rubella

Selective test

ü  HIV antibody test

ü  STD infections(Gonorrhea,chalmydia,syphilis tests)

ü  pap smear

ü  Hepatitis B screening

ü  TORCH panel

ü  Bacterial vaginosis

ü  Urine culture test

ü  First trimester down syndrome test

Given below tests are not often ask to ordered by doctor during her pregnancy.These tests are ordered only if the mother suspected to risk of having baby with certain genetic & chromosomal abnormality.these tests are either screening only test, if positive then confirmatory test followed.

ü  cell-free fetal DNA test [cfDNA]

ü  chorionic villus sampling test [cvs test]




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