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breast cancer screening–your check up once a year for breast self examination

| Women health | June 12, 2015

breast cancer
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This is upcoming post…please visit again after some days Highlights of this posts Breast cancer- the basic info breast cancer- the diseases,symptoms and stages breast cancer- the hereditary breast cancer- screening and its blood tests breast cancer – its cure [Total: 0    Average: 0/5]

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nifty test for detecting down syndrome for pregnant women – a must have blood test during pregnancy to detect down syndrome

| Pregnancy, Women health | September 13, 2014


What is nifty test? NIFTY is a simple blood test which detects Downs syndrome and other genetic syndromes without any risk to the fetus or mother.   nifty blood test Advantages: Highly Accurate, Non-invasive, Risk Free and Early-test Highly Accurate: Adopts the next-generation sequencing technology, detection rate > 99.9%. Non-invasive: Only 10ml of maternal venous blood is […]

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nifty test in india users experience

| Pregnancy | September 13, 2014

very good service. test is worth to pay. saved money.time.travel as compared to local. thanks. swetha patil , pune   Hello world I am extremely happy with ordering blood test online using healthchecker.in . you guys saved my time,money and travel. thanks albert dsoza , ponda-Goa   We from Bangalore. As per the doctors request to […]

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pregnancy care – third trimester pregnancy care [27 to til delivery or 40 weeks]

| Pregnancy, third trimester pregnancy care [28th week to delivery 40 weeks] | September 12, 2014

pregnanncy care

Third trimester During 28-40 weeks till delivery we call it as a third trimester pregnancy.Here in this third trimester stage they may order certain routine and selective tests as when required. These tests are used to prepare for delivering healthy baby with healthy condition as well as maintaining mothers health condition.these test are routine tests […]

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pregnancy care – second trimester care [13-27 weeks] during pregnancy

| Pregnancy, second trimester pregnancy care [13-27 weeks] | September 12, 2014

pregnanncy care

Second trimester During 13-27 weeks we call it as a second trimester pregnancy.Here in this second trimester stage they may order certain routine and selective tests as when required. These tests are used to detect unborn baby health condition as well as mothers health condition.   Routine tests ü  Urine screen for sugar and/or protein […]

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pregnancy care – first trimester care [upto 12 weeks] during pregnancy

| first trimester pregnancy care [upto 12 weeks], Pregnancy | September 12, 2014

pregnancy care india

First trimester [upto 12 weeks] During first prenatal visit to upto 12 weeks of pregnancy we call it first trimester.here in this first trimester to check for certain infections that could harm the unborn baby or other conditions that could threaten the mother’s health during the pregnancy. These below tests may be offered only if […]

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pregnancy checking tips

| Pregnancy, pregnancy checking | September 12, 2014

Pregnancy is the cycle when a fetus develops inside a woman’s uterus and ends with the birth of the new born baby. Pregnancy involves a various kinds of clinical laboratory tests starting from screening test to confirmatory tests. These tests provide useful information from the time pregnancy is first considered through to the initial days […]

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pre pregnancy and pre conception care while planning for pregnancy

| pre pregnancy/pre conception care, Pregnancy | September 12, 2014

Pre-pregnancy [Pre-conception] Pre pregnancy is a state before actually become pregnant. Here she and her partner should consult with their family healthcare provider or doctor. Based on mother and prospective father details, family history, and other history, a healthcare provider guide you to how to get healthy pregnancy. As a precaution they ask you to […]

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