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nifty test for detecting down syndrome for pregnant women – a must have blood test during pregnancy to detect down syndrome

| Pregnancy, Women health | September 13, 2014

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What is nifty test?

NIFTY is a simple blood test which detects Downs syndrome and other genetic syndromes without any risk to the fetus or mother.


nifty blood test Advantages:

Highly Accurate, Non-invasive, Risk Free and Early-test
Highly Accurate: Adopts the next-generation sequencing technology, detection rate > 99.9%.
Non-invasive: Only 10ml of maternal venous blood is required. Therefore, there is no risk of intrauterine infection and miscarriage.
Risk Free: Avoids intrauterine infection and induced miscarriage.
Early-test: Performed as early as 10 weeks of gestation. This allows early detection for a better clinical decision
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When to be tested?
The NIFTY test is recommended between 10 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.
Who should be tested?
  1. Maternal age 35 years or older at delivery
  2. Has contraindications for invasive prenatal testing such as placenta prevaria,risk of misscarriage,HBV infection
  3. Fetal Ultrasonographical findings indicating an increased risk of aneuploidy
  4. History of prior pregnancy with trisomy


How to get tested?
Easy to be tested, easy to understand
After having consulted your local provider, it will be required that you complete the NIFTY approval form before the test procedure can be commenced. The blood sample required for the NIFTY test will be processed at the BGI laboratories. You will receive the test result at your local provider after 10 to 14 days.
The sensitivity and specificity of the NIFTY test are both over 99%. This means that the test can successfully identify over 99% of fetuses carry no trisomy (giving a low risk result) and fetuses with trisomy (giving a high risk result).
Where to order this test?
Any pregnant women can order this test for pre-test counseling…our authorized BGI consultant or employee will call or visit to explain in detail about test and its benefits in your local language.

procedure to Inquire about test?

You can inquire about test in various ways

1) Inquire online

visit www.healthchecker.in ,Inquire by clicking contact poster

2) Give call to Mr.gopal

mobile +919740513782

4) Inquire via whatsapp

Live chat whatsapp number is +919740513782

5) Inquire via e-mail

please contact me at gopal@genomics.cn

6) Inquire via SMS .

type “NIFTY” or “NIFTY blood test” send it to mobile number +919740513782

Steps involved in Inquire-to- report stages

1) place order via above any methods

2) we send specialized” NIFTY blood testing” sample collection kit at clinic/hospital via fedex

3) your doctor/hospital/clinic/healthcare service provider draw blood from pregnant mother and send back collected sample kit for processing at lab via same fedex.

4) after releasing report, we send report to your doctor/hospital/healthcare service provider.

Note- NIFTY is official trademark and license  of BGI

NOTE: As per PC-PNDT Act 1994,The act banned prenatal sex determination in india..We do not entertain such inquiries.

NOTE-Trademarks used here are for information purpose only,All rights are reserved for their respective company.

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NIFTY Blood test to detect any downsyndrome during pregnancy

NIFTY Blood test to detect any downsyndrome during pregnancy

Accuracy & efficience of blood test


    Product information


      Service by company


        Post Test result service





            • - 99.99% accuracy
            • - Worlds No1 blood test to detect down syndrome
            • - Detects abnormility as early as 10th week of pregnancy
            • - Company insurace included[if any false reports]
            • - Till date more than lakhs samples performed NIFTY test worldwide


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            8 Responses to “nifty test for detecting down syndrome for pregnant women – a must have blood test during pregnancy to detect down syndrome”

            1. sujay mukharjee on September 12, 2014 @ 6:14 pm

              We from bangalore. We wanted to go for sequencing test which is non – invasive to detect any abnormality in unborn baby as per the doctors request to go for nifty test. We inquired the local labs and hospital they do send samples to same BGI nifty lab but cost is more, less if we order directly from BGI. we gave a call to BGI employee mr.gopal in india,inquired about test benefits and price. BGI collected sample from my doctors clinic and they sent it to schenzen lab.we got report after 12-14 days as per my request.

            2. Hello

              I am renowned doctor from delhi,we gave a call to Mr.Gopal about blood sample collection from our hospital, he asked us to send mail to gopal@genomics.cn ,we sent mail for collection request, in reply he sent mail that collection kit has sent via fedex.I am on leave for 5 days,going abroad. I temporary lost my e mail access to send him mail.please convey the same to Mr.gopal

              thank you

            3. Respected doctor,
              Sample has been picked up from your address and sent to lab. Thank you
              For more details contact me at gopal@genomics.cn

            4. hi there,

              We want to undergo nifty blood test for my relatives. I live Abroad, my relatives are in India. Please let me know the procedure to order.I also gave call and emailed for sample kit arrangements.thank you

            5. Please call me/ mail me . I need some information on Nifty test.

              • Dear krishna
                concern company representative call/mail you for above info. Please share your contact details with him.thank you

            6. Hi,

              I too would like to request for information on nifty test in bangalore. Please share contact details. Thanks


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